VEILED - “Nox”

There was very little understood about the Veiled before the Day of Axis. For most of dragon history, these shadow dragons remained dormant behind the magical veil dividing this world and the next. Now that the veil has been torn, however, these dragons roam free in Reverath. New lore is coming to light that would have remained hidden forever.

It is now known that the Veiled are ruled over by a dragon leader, themselves. This Shadow Reaver is known only as “Nox” and remains shrouded in mystery. In fact, many dragons of the Veiled, themselves, do not know about him. It is believed, however, that Nox is the ascended soul of an ambitious dragon rogue who seeked immense power for himself.

In fact, it is believed that this Nox figure is the one responsible for the tearing of the Veil, in the first place. The site of his supposed accomplishment is surrounded by a valley that was once beautiful grasslands and meadows. Today, however, the rotting energy of the unknown artifact that committed the deed has corrupted the landscape into a wet, bubbling swamp of toxic fumes and decaying wildlife. Nox, himself, has since disappeared from Reverath, as far as can be determined, but the chaos he has unleashed lives on as his legacy, until he returns to finish whatever it was he started.