MOLCOR - “Magathera”

The Molcor are believed to be the oldest form of dragon, perhaps even the original form. Many of their race believe themselves to be the true ‘pure-blood’ of dragons--the only race that can claim dominion over the heritage. They believe they are the rightful rulers of all dragon-kind. This foundation of their culture leads them to often be wary of change in the world and viciously protective of their territory and status.

The current Molcoreaver is a fierce, competitive ruler named Magathera. Whereas most rulers are chosen by the dominant amongst their kin, Magathera’s reign is the most recent in a long lineage of familial rule. She inherited her position and power from her own father, who passed away during a tumultuous battle with the Aeross, half a century ago.

Infamous for her sharp, unpredictable temper, and her merciless persistence for victory, Magathera claims dominion over a wide territory of charred rocky cliffs and canyons. Her gilded throne lies deep beneath these scraggy magma peaks, close to the planetary core, where the Molcor believe their ancestor now lies to make up the heart of this world.