ARBORAX - “Govennia”

The Arborax are not the oldest race of dragon, however they are the longest-living. At least, compared to the rest of their kind. The Arborax approach to warfare is known to involve a great deal of time and long-term strategy. While they can be just as vicious as the other races, they are, undoubtedly, the most patient of dragons.

For several centuries, the Arborax have maintained unified strength and composure in the face of chaos under the rule of Govennia, the oldest living Reaver in Reverath. Little have survived an encounter with this ancient beauty, but the few who have describe the Arboreaver as a silent, motionless observer, waiting to strike. Like her kin, Govennia’s true deadliness stems from her ability to wait for the proper moment to attack.

The Arborax are some of the largest and most armored creatures in Reverath. Their size and patient temperament makes them ideally suited for the wilderlands of Alethayne Forest, a wide-spread environment of towering trees as thick as boulders. The Arborax usually bide their time, hiding camouflage beneath the tree canopy, awaiting unsuspecting prey flying above.