AEROSS - “Elleroc”

The Aeross are known to be sleek, aero-dynamic predators. Though usually smaller than the rest of their kind, the Aeross make up for their lack in size with speed, accuracy, and volatile attack patterns. The phrase ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is particularly apt and especially frightening when considering the fact that the average Aeross can land an attack 5 times a second.

The Aeross are currently under the leadership of a young, inexperienced leader known as Elleroc, who seized power by attacking the original Aeroreaver, herself, and taking her place. Though many are uncertain as to his untested capabilities, some swear by his ferocity, going as far as to claim that his mind is not completely sound. It would appear that in turbulent times, a turbulent leader might be just what the Aeross are looking for in their ruler.

The Aeross are most frequently seen darting around their impressive domain--a scattering of floating islands in the sky known only as ‘The Oases.’ It’s not uncommon to find a natural source of fresh water emanating from each Oasis, falling down to the mainland, below. It’s believed that much of Reverath was a dry desert until an extremely powerful Aeroreaver from history used the magic of an ancient relic to lift these mountain spires into the sky, and rain down never-ending water to breath life into these lands.