The Wizard’s Stone

The ancient dragon clans of old were numerous and disorganized. They bickered amongst themselves for control and waged petty crusades against each other for power. Eventually, they were united under three visionary rulers who led society into an unprecedented era of peace, diplomacy, and prosperity. They unified the clans into the three main Earthly Dragon races we know, today: the Molcor, the Arborax, and the Aeross. These three wise Dragons became the first Dragon rulers--the first Reavers--and it was in this time that they were visited by a lone, travelling sage. The sage claimed that she was a Wizard from beyond who had come with guidance and wisdom as we looked to embrace peace for the first time in our history. Peace amongst ourselves as well as peace with the other beings around us, like the humans.

But alas, the peace was not meant to last. Within just a few generations, the three races succumbed to rivalry and bitterness. They grew to despise the humans around them and once more, see them as inferior beings. The three races had become stronger in their unification, but ultimately, they had also become more isolated and suspicious of one another. The New Age was meant to be free of bloodshed, but instead gave rise to the first major wars of our history. The Wizard, despite her attempts to help, was not heard, and ultimately, vanished into legend.

The remnants of her legacy live on. The ancient stone you found still glimmers with her magic, a small beacon of comfort in these dark, unforgiving times. The Wizard’s Stone will seize the fibers of existence, itself, and resow them so that your soul is instantly returned to the place you are most at home. The gem is said to have been taken from her burial mound, far, far away, however, some do not believe she is dead. In fact, now that the Veil has been torn, many believe that she, or another of her kind, will return to our realm, once again, signalling the beginning of yet another New Age. It seems that only time will tell...