The Shell of Transference

Of the four main Dragon races, the green-scaled Arborax are the largest and most defiant. The Shell of Transference is one of the four cultural totems, an ancient and powerful relic the Arborax hold dear to their ancestral history. 

The Ancestral spirit of the Arborax is believed to have become the Floor of the World, a foundation of nourishment, strength, and solidity encasing the planet’s continents. The shell was discovered within one of the many Grand Forests, a product of time and symbiosis.

Before they unified into one culture, the Arborax race were solitary wanderers, patiently scouring the world for more territory. They, like the other races of their species, shared a desire for power, but learned to fight for it in a more vigilant and strategic way than sheer brutality. Their method of battle involved defeating the enemy from the inside and often, over long grueling periods of time. Their battles could be so strategic and slow, that the Arborax are still incorrectly believed to be the most peaceful of the dragon races. This couldn’t be further from the truth and, should the challenge be upon them, they will act as vicious and merciless as their dragonkin. But should you wish for a more subtle approach to success, you can harness their penchant for attacking the enemy from within with the Shell of Transference.