The Quickening Gem

Of the four main Dragon races, the blue-scaled Aeross are the swiftest and most intelligent. The Quickening Gem is one of the four cultural totems, an ancient and powerful relic the Aeross hold dear to their ancestral history. 

The Ancestral spirit of the Aeross is believed to have become the Roof of the World, a sky of air and wind that would breath life and energy across the vast landscapes. It is believed that one of the Quickening Gem was forged by the first Aeross Reaver as a gift of lineage to his daughter. The Gem was said to have enclose the first hurricane of the world within it, a storm created by the Aeross Ancestor, herself, to start the spinning of the world.

Before they unified into one culture, the Aeross race were oddly conflicted. Through keen intelligence and swiftness of mind, the Aeross clans of old realized early that they could achieve more success and acquire more food and riches by working together. But upon victory, their hastily formed alliances would be extinguished almost instantly. The clans would begin to fight one another, again, in an attempt to grab as many of their spoils as possible for themselves. And then, again, they would work together on the next target. The quick and erratic nature of the Aeross was only increased by interacting with the other dragon races. And now, you can harness their speed with the Quickening Gem.