The Mystic Blue Diamond

The Mystic Blue Diamond once possessed the ability to carry its user into the Veil, an ethereal realm of shadow that held the souls of the dead. In the midst of an old war, an eccentric ruler forged the diamond in an attempt to reclaim his lost son, who had perished in one of the many wars they had been fighting. The diamond did allow for the user to visit the realm of shadow, but we are not sure what exactly they witnessed on the other side. Users would always return in a catatonic state, unable to speak or move for weeks at a time. Upon their recovery, they would claim not to remember the ordeal, at all, but something would always seem wrong.

It would appear, however, that the diamond is no longer as dangerous to its user as it once was. Not too long ago, an unknown force took hold of this fabled jewel and somehow amplified its power. We are not sure what happened, next, but we know what the consequences were. For six nights, the sky burned with waves of blue energy. The dying seemed to heal on their own. The bodies of the dead simply vanished. On the seventh cycle, a fissure in the sky opened up and the Veil was torn. Now, when our bodies die, our souls live on in this world, ready to inhabit a new form and continue their quest for power.

The Mystic Blue Diamond will empower your soul, taking over your corporeal form. You become a true phantom--unseen and untouched by the world. Take heed, however. Our newly immortal souls are still not stable enough to remain this way for long. Your time as a spectre will be temporary. But perhaps one day, we can permanently exist as spectres in this realm, without the confines of a Veil to keep us at bay. Perhaps this jewel will be the key to our next evolution, when our next era is upon us.