The Magnifying Crystal

Of the four main Dragon races, the red-scaled Molcor are the oldest and the mightiest. The Magnifying Crystal is one of the four cultural totems, an ancient and powerful relic the Molcor hold dear to their ancestral history. 

The Ancestral spirit of the Molcor is believed to have become the Hearth of this realm, the source of heat and power within the planet’s central molten mantle. It was here that the Magnifying Crystal was said to be forged, imbued with an energy of amplification and rage, appropriate for the race of dragons who claimed it as their own. 

Before they unified into one culture, the Molcor race were the most violent of the dragon species. The riches of their subterranean lair fueled much conflict between their highly territorial clans. Upon eventually expanding out to the surface, their thirst for land only grew. Their violent nature spilled out to corrupt the other dragon races around the world. And now, you can harness their the power of their temperament with the Magnifying Crystal.