The Guardian Drake

Dragons are diverse creatures. Even individuals of the same race differ in size and capability. The eldest and most powerful of our kind go on to become the Reaver of their race, rulers of ruthlessness, cunning, and wisdom. They oversee the Raptors, the most common dragons. They are powerful in their own ways, but easily tempted by the promise of power. At the bottom of the hierarchy sit the Drakes, a smaller and weaker variation of ourselves. 

When the Veil was torn, society was thrown into disarray. The Reavers lost control of their subjects, while the Raptors tore through the sky, fiercely guarding their treasure hoards of relics and gold from the newfound chaos. The Drakes, however, fled underground, unsure of who to fight and who to follow. Only the bravest of their kind dare offer their support.

Fortune is in your favor. Despite the cowardice of their brethren, this sentry seems to have heard your call to arms and has eagerly taken flight by your side, The Guardian Drake you’ve located is a feisty ally who will obey your commands and defend your territories, loyally.