The Endless Flame

To all dragons, no matter their race or origin, fire is a defining feature of a dragon’s existence. But there was a time when fire meant even more than it does today. In ancient rituals, the distance a dragon could spit fire was a sign of his or her dominance and status amongst the others. It was believed that a dragon’s ability to breath flame was a spiritual connection within the body to a treasured and sacred location, one that only exists today in myth. 

The Ignis Valley is believed by some to be where all fire in the world is spawned. It is said to be a massive basin in the earth with a cavernous chasm in its center that leads directly to the fiery core of the world. The core is believed to be the resting place of the Molcor ancestral spirit who relinquished herself during the Construction of the World to become the Hearth of the planet. The Ignis Valley is a wasteland of fumes, toxic gases, and flames--a wasteland that only a dragon, intoxicated on power, could possibly call home.

Today, we know that our flame has a much a simpler explanation and for a time, the legend of the Ignis Valley was relinquished to petty folklore of a more primeval time. But the relic you have found has never been found before. This simple, never ending flame seems to feed off an actual channel of energy from a source, far away. This Endless Flame is cool and comforting to the touch. But once used, it will expel a foul gas unto the surrounding area that is instantly set ablaze, burning your enemies in a lethal firestorm of devastation. The origin of this flame is still unknown, but its emergence has sparked a return of interest in the Ignis Valley myth, leading some to reconsider how fictional the tale might be. Could that barren wasteland truly be out there, fueling our internal fires and feeding the energy of this relic you now hold? Perhaps, in time, we will find out.