The Dragon Scroll

Dragon history is chaotic and drenched in blood. But amidst the contradictions in our records, there is always one constant that seems to remain--one single name that is always repeated throughout history, for those who look closely enough for it: Avus. The legends don’t agree on who the name belonged to, but it is regularly believed that Avus was a powerful dragon ruler, a Reaver, from one of the bloodiest periods in dragon history. In that time, the land was ripped apart by the first of the Ancestral wars, a string of conflicts ignited by disagreements over the draconian spirits that preceded our dragonkin. 

Avus was said to have been a brilliant strategist in battle, and a fierce, but respected foe. Certain records suggest that his followers were undefeated in battle, and enjoyed a trove of treasures envied across the world. Mysteriously, no one knows who these followers were or what race they belonged to, as they vanished quickly after their crusades. Avus was said to have disappeared on the eve of celebration and the rest of his clan quickly followed suit, almost overnight. In fact, some even believe that the race of dragons Avus ruled over may have been an entirely different race of dragons, all together, one that we have yet to discover or remember. Regardless, though his followers have been lost to time, his name somehow lingers. 

The Dragon Scroll you have found was a possession he had left behind and is widely valued for its historical significance and for a powerful spell Avus, himself, is said to have discovered in his youth. Beyond both these assets, however, there is one additional facet of the Dragon Scroll that is truly mesmerizing. It has been determined that the scroll possesses the most accurate account of Dragon history ever recorded, a feat almost impossible to achieve in the chaos of endless warfare and bloodshed. Even more impossible is the fact that the scroll seems to keep track of history without anyone actually writing anything down. In fact, not ink nor blood leave even the faintest of marks upon it. The records appear on the scroll, by themselves, without any trace of authorship except for the single-word signature at the end of every entry, “Avus,” leading many to believe the ancient Reaver is still here, watching and waiting to return. What it is he’s waiting for, however, no one can say.