Box of Lightning

The tearing of the Veil has revealed that there are a great many things we do not know and may never know. But if there is one thing that we can absolutely rely on, it is the greed and thirst for blood that all dragons possess. Even our beloved ancestors were not free of conflict. For eons, the four spirits are said to have been locked in an endless battle for control over the unfinished universe. The violent blasts of their attacks against each other are supposedly still visible today, etched into the skies as the stars we see overhead at night.

Not much is known about what happened to end their conflict, but eventually, something between the four of them changed. Whether driven by enlightenment or desperation, the four spirits ceased their warfare and attempted an existence of peace and prosperity. As we may expect, it did not last long. Within a few generations, their descendants had already begun to wage wars even greater than the four of them could possibly have imagined. Fearing their children’s warfare might destroy the unfinished universe, the four spirits banded together for one final act of cooperation. In an event now known as the Construction, the four spirits sacrificed themselves to form the Architecture of the World. Together, their deceased spirits created the Hearth, the Floor, The Roof, and The Enclosure. Combined, our realm was born to contain the descendants and their fighting. And, though there are minor disagreements about the details, we still believe the spirits lay in rest as the foundations of our realm.

It is commonly believed that the four spirits built a fail-safe mechanism to prevent the destruction of the unfinished universe. The spirits worked together before the Construction to build this device, which they then hid away from their bickering children. The Box of Lightning is widely thought to be that device, built by the ancestors, themselves, so long ago. Within its contents is a storm of epic proportions, swirling indefinitely, until unleashed by its master onto their enemies. You should use this relic with care. The storm is said to be fueled by the ongoing rage of the ancestors, not something to take lightly.