Book of Silence

Of the four main Dragon races, the black-scaled kind known only to us as the Veiled are shrouded in shadow and mystery. The Book of Silence is one of the four cultural totems, but it seems that the Veiled do not even know why they hold this ancient and powerful relic so dear to their ancestral history. 

In fact, the book may possess more power within its pages than anyone may ever possibly understand. The Ancestral spirit of the Veiled is believed to have become the Enclosure of the World, an ethereal wall of invisible magic that once sheltered us from that which was beyond. Today, however, the enclosure has torn and the Veil between realms has opened, exposing just how little we actually know about our universe. Nothing reveals our lack of understanding more, however, than the small black text known as the Book of Silence, perhaps the oldest known relic in existence.

The Veiled do not know much of their own history. But the only thing that lingers is the belief that the Book of Silence was somehow responsible for their primeval emergence into creation. This may have even happened in a time before the fabled ancestors formed the architecture of the world. The Book of Silence is said to be written in a language no one can see. But every so often, to a select few, a passage will reveal itself, allowing its user to harness the spell and cast it upon unsuspecting foes. And now, a passage has revealed itself to you, enabling you to harness a small but powerful fragment of this incredible book.