The Power of Gold

All dragons love gold.  But the root of this love is more than just fascination, it is the source of all your power.  As you collect gold your dragon will increase in power level and size.

This will be most significant resource and will be earned by killing denizens and their dwellings.  The cities and the travelers between them will need to be “liberated” of their gold burden so you can gain power.  To best leverage resource acquisition, you will need to prioritize your attacks to maximize your power growth.

Of course, other dragons also have significant gold you could take... if you can defeat them.

Collecting Relics

Throughout the world, there are random relics scattered about.  These relics are the claim to the throne for the dragon world.  Once all relics are returned to a dragon’s den, the game is won and the conqueror crowned.  But be careful as you collect the relics, since they have a way of drawing in your competition.  For every one you possess, you become easier for other players to find you, even from far away places.  
The great part about Relics is how they can help you.  They aren’t just items of “great power” you can never use. Instead, each relic grants a special ability which you can assign to your dragon at any time during the match. Only 4 relics can be selected for activation at a time.
Some boards may have only 5 or 6 relics, while others may contain more than 20.  Using the abilities on the “fly” and altering your play style to best leverage your abilities and available relics is the key to winning this game.

Improving Abilities

Every player will have four tiers of abilities to choose from for each dragon type, with several abilities in each tier, providing roughly 56 unique dragon abilities at the launch of the game.  Only one ability can be chosen per tier, so the possible combinations of play will vary significantly.  Once the abilities are chosen, they will only become available at certain levels.

Some abilities will focus on area of effect, while others will be direct damage, or may be oriented around denizen damage, or even skill shots dealing massive damage.  They will cover stuns, Damage over Time, Instant damage, Movement impairment, flight impairment (forcing you to the ground), preventing landing, summoning other minion dragons, powerful auras, and a multitude of other effects provided by lootable relics.

Competing Dragons

Of course, all other dragons are seeking more power as well.  So, you will often fight other dragons to rob them of their horde and remove them from the running.  As noted, the relics you currently possess will give away your position.

But, don’t worry too much.  Provided you make it back to your Den, you can stay in there for up to one minute. You leave your den fully healed and will have a “gold buff” on you which increases your damage significantly. You will be limited on how frequently you can enter your den.

Game Controls

A - ability 1
S - ability 2
D - ability 3
F - ability 4
G - ability 5 - always dragonfire

Q - activate relic in position 1
W - activate relic in position 2
E - activate relic in position 3
R - activate relic in position 4

Mouse button right or left to look around
Both mouse buttons to move forward

Z - dodge left
V - dodge right
X - strafe left
C - strafe right