The Power of Gold

All dragons love gold.  But the root of this love is more than just fascination, it is the source of all your power.  As you collect gold your dragon will increase in power level and size.

This will be most significant resource and will be earned by killing denizens and their dwellings.  The cities and the travelers between them will need to be “liberated” of their gold burden so you can gain power.  To best leverage resource acquisition, you will need to prioritize your attacks to maximize your power growth.


Throughout the world, there are runes and relics scattered about.  These relics are the claim to the throne for the dragon world.  Once all relics are returned to a dragon’s den, the game is won and the conqueror crowned.  But be careful as you collect the relics, since they have a way of drawing in your competition.  For every one you possess, you become easier for other players to find you, even from far away places.  
The great part about Relics is how they can help you.  They aren’t just items of “great power” you can never use. Instead, each relic grants a special ability which can be used to greatly enhance you or unleash devastating power.  Only 1 relic will be available per level … for now.


The runes you can collect are augmentations to your stats or abilities.  These dragon runes are left over remnants of a time long ago, when dragons ruled the land as gods.  Collecting these runes can make your conquest easier through increasing your power, utility, or survivability.

Game Controls

A - ability 1
S - ability 2
D - ability 3
F - ability 4
G - ability 5 - always dragonfire

Q - activate relic in position 1
W - activate relic in position 2
E - activate relic in position 3
R - activate relic in position 4

Mouse button right or left to look around
Both mouse buttons to move forward

Z - dodge left
V - dodge right
X - strafe left
C - strafe right