Funding Levels

Level 1 Funding Goals

This will be the base game, allowing full combat and few “boards” to play.  The main goal of this level of development will be to get some form of player base to support future growth of this game universe.  We have many plans for expanding the story and depth of this world, while still retaining this core concept.

  • Multiplayer maps of up to 100 players competing
  • Playable Races: Dragon
    • Four Dragon types
    • one dragon model
  • Human denizens
  • Gold and relics are the only resources
  • The Persistent Dragon Soul: stats, previous lives, highest score/achievement, etc.

Level 2 Funding Goals

At this level of development, we want to start introducing teamplay and flights.  These additions will greatly expand how our game plays and the community revolving around it.  This will require built in communications, such as chat and possibly voice chat, and the ability to customize your dragon to differentiate.

  • Dragon Factions
    • The map will be divided into areas “owned” by the different “flights”: red, blue, green, and black
    • Each flight will have allied denizens, with all others being enemy
      • Allied denizens could assist in making augmentations, such as dragon armor
  • Dragons can assist their flight/area to gain gold through quests and/or acts.  This increases the player’s power without killing off their own denizens.
  • Area power can be leveraged against other dragons, furthering your wealth.
    • Example: sending a thief to a competing dragon den.
  • Introduce unlockable dragon models, including:
    • Lightning dragons
    • Stone and emerald dragons with glow effects
    • Ice dragons
    • Fire dragons
    • Hydras
  • Customization of Dragon look and feel
  • Introduce communications: chat and voice chat 

Level 3 Funding Goals

This funding level is really expanding the concept of the universe to the MMO level.  Our vision of this world is extremely vast and involved with unlimited gameplay.  Players would be able to start at many locations throughout the world and experience deep story.

This level of development really expands into more of the immersion traits of gaming, so would only be viable only after players are already involved in the universe.  There would need to be an interest in playing as denizens or the large persistent world makes sense to the player base.

  • New Playable Races: denizens.
  • New Abilities focusing on:
    • Dragon Hunting - The playable denizens will have the ability to somehow level the playing field with the dragon.  This could be harpooning the dragon and bringing it to the ground, or even latching on to go for a ride and a safe way to get back to ground.
    • Survivalist - abilities to help stay alive longer and finish out long quest lines.  Maybe even a way to cheat death.
    • Plundering horde - focusing on stealth or other types of covert moves, make your way through cities or dragon dens to steal a portion of their wealth
    • Magics - using magic, these abilities will allow you to alter your offense or defense in whichever situation most needed.
    • Morphing - Dragons will be able to morph into denizens as disguise
  • Large persistent and open world; thousands of players
  • Complex questing system, allowing for many starting locations and many journeys for players to embark.  Finishing quest lines will be intentionally difficult, so often tried and rarely accomplished.  Ending an epic quest line will be something to remember for the rest of your life; possibly even leaving an imprint on your Soul.
  • Group mechanics and party/flight system, allowing for guild style play