Dragon Souls

Dragon Souls will allow you to play as a dragon in one of the available dragon flights: Black, Red, Green, Blue. The goal is simply collecting all of the relics scattered throughout the world. But, with denizens, cities, and other dragons out to take these same items from you, it’s easier said than done.

Every time you play will be the life of a single dragon. Though, your soul will move on to inhabit another dragon, the lives are not connected and wealth does not transfer. You have one life to live and death is permanent.

The denizens of our world have no hope of standing against you. Your only real threat is the other dragons, which, of course, want the same thing you want and are willing to kill you for it. This is a game about playing as a truly terrifying dragon, not lumbering reptiles with wings and one slow/avoidable attack. You should expect to always be on your toes, quickly moving and positioning while using a myriad of attacks. ll of these abilities will be made more powerful with the expansion of your dragon's power.

Each player is in control of a single dragon which can battle in air or on land. We expect our combat system to be fast paced and involve physical, magical, and ranged combat. We are incorporating physical assaults with the raging fire and lighting, grappling and throws with auras of frost and fire, and bleeds and crippling effects with the instant spells.

As with other similar games, certain combinations of spells and abilities will naturally synergize for slightly less power and others will be more cumbersome and skillful, though more powerful.